Video: Tag Records Commercial


Here’s the first commercial for TAG Records. If you didn’t know Jermaine Dupri is the president of the TAG Records imprint. TAG Records has a different marketing concept which most labels don’t put behind new artist. TAG Records will support their artist with multi-million dollar marketing effort which includes television, print, radio, digital and event marketing. Rapper Q is featured in the commercial and he’s the first signee of TAG Records.

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Celebrity Mishaps: Kanye Comments On The Soulja Boy & Ice-T Beef

Kanye recently wrote his piece on the whole Soulja Boy & Ice-T beef going on. I think this will be the last time we hear from Ice-T again. Check out the video of Ice-T Apologizing to Soulja Boy.

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Hitting The Streets: Blackberry Javelin


The BlackBerry Javelin is one of the newer series of BlackBerry’s set to release this summer. It’s very similar to the BlackBerry Bold with a few minor exceptions. The BlackBerry Javelin will have an outstanding set of features packed in it’s slim casing. The Javelin will have Wi-Fi and GPS but unfortunately no 3G. Other upgrades will be Javelin will a slightly better camera aiming at 3.2 megapixels, bigger display, and more spaced out keys.

The Blackberry Javelin is suppose to be an alternative to the Blackberry Bold. It’s stated to be the “cheaper version” due to the lack of 3G. Many sources have claimed The Blackberry Bold it will hit AT&T in July for $300, T-Mobile in September for $350, and Verizon and Sprint also in September for $300 all with a 2 year contract. So look out for it to be a little bit cheaper than the prices above.