Warren Buffett & Jay-Z Cover Forbes Mag

On the cover of Forbes this month is Jay-Z and Warren Buffett. The issue highlights the “400 Richest People In The World”. Jay-Z doesn’t quite make it on the list, but Forbes predicts if Jay-Z can continue to double his estimated net worth of $450 million, then he’s bound to earn a spot on the list by 2015. The duo sat down with Forbes for an interview, check it out here.
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40 Billionaires Pledge To Donate Half Of Their Wealth

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have teamed up and has decided to ask America’s wealthiest people to donate half of their fortunes to charity. They contacted 70-80 people on the Forbes Wealthiest 400 Americans list, only to come away with 40 others who agree.

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Lunch Auction With Warren Buffett Raises $2.6 Million

If you didn’t know, CEO and Investor Warren Buffett has been auctioning off a lunch meeting with himself annually for charity since 2000, and over the years he has raised $5.9 million dollars in charity donations. At this year’s lunch auction, a new record was set for raising $2,626,311 beating out last year’s record of $1.68 million. All the proceeds go to the Glide Foundation of San Francisco. The foundation helps the homeless of San Francisco who need aid and help. It’s not certain who the winning bidder is yet, but what has been confirmed is the lunch will be held at the fine New York City restaurant Smith & Wollensky.

America’s Richest Meet


Some of the world’s wealthiest people gather to meet in New York City to see how they can join together to do more. Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner were amongst some of the attendees, the group discuss around a long table in a window lined private room overlooking the East River on May 5th, on how they can do more to being committed to philanthropy. With this recession people are giving less to charity and America’s richest are going to help pitch in.

Source: ABC NEWS