Naomi Campbell’s Legend of Tsvetnoy Commercial

Naomi Campbell is the leading lady in this Russian commercial for a new luxury apartment complex in Moscow called “Lengend of Tsvetnoy”. The building is owned by her boyfriend billionaire Vladamir Doronin. Press play to see Naomi stretch out of bed in lingerie, work out in the gym and take a dip in the swimming pool.

Naomi Campbell’s Big Birthday Bash

Naomi Campbell is in for a big surprise by her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin. Vladimir went all out to celebrate her 40th birthday bash spending a total of $1 million. Doronin flew out the Black Eyed Peas and booked Grace Jones to surprise the birthday girl. Naomi’s big bash will be held at the exclusive Hotel du Cap in Antibes, France and guests expected are Dontella Versace, Kate Moss, Giorgio Armani, and billionaire Roman Abramovich.

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