Versace Unique Hits Harrods

Versace and LG have collaborated to create a new phone called Versace Unique. The Unique can now be purchased at luxury department store Harrods for £4,800 ($7,200). The phone has a scratch proof sapphire crystal touch screen, and is framed by lacquer and ceramic panels. It also features polished stainless steel or 18k carat gold hardware.  Some features found on the Versace Unique are 5-megapixel flash camera, 8GB internal memory expandable to 32GB and Dolby Mobile technology.

Versace Unique

Versace now has it’s own luxury mobile phone with the help of manufacturer Modelabs. The Versace Unique is made of a ceramic and lacquer finish and features a three inch sapphire crystal touchscreen. In addition, the phone carries a five megapixel camera along with Dolby Mobile surround sound for crisp ringtones, mp3 and video files. You can pick up the phone exclusively from Versace stores and fine jewelry networks worldwide starting June 2010.

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