Kanye West Talks Style and Humility with Vanity Fair

Kanye West talks with Vanity Fair about how he’s lived and learned during the past year, read insertions from the interview below.

LISA ROBINSON: Looking back on last year’s MTV Awards, when you interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech you said Beyonce was robbed, and a lot of us agreed with you. How do you feel about it now?

KANYE WEST: Well, it was very punk rock and revolutionary and idealistic and very angry in a way. But the timing was in poor taste. And the other two things I’ve learned since then are humility and empathy to be empathetic to other people’s feelings. To care about how much this must mean to someone else, and not to think that my ideals or my righteousness are more important than someone else feelings

L.R. You also have an entirely new, elegant look; you told me you thought that the traditional hip-hop look was tired.

K.W. Yeah, people always dress like they’re headed to the gym. Continue reading Kanye West Talks Style and Humility with Vanity Fair