Ralph Lauren Launching E-Commerce For UK

Ralph Lauren has something special in store for their UK customer base. Tomorrow will mark the launch of Ralph Lauren’s UK E-commence site. At RalphLauren.co.uk, UK customers will now be able to shop from the brand’s timeless collections.

It’s been nearly a decade since Ralph Lauren entered the e-commerce market and since then, the brand has continued to flourish with sales and bringing the Ralph Lauren lifestyle directly to customers through an assortment of materials such as the RL Style Guide, RL Magazine and RL TV.
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I Guess Jay-Z Isn’t In That Much Demand

I guess the economy isn’t just coming down on us everyday people in the U.S.. Rapper Jay-Z has been out in England this weekend, where he’s promoting the NBA New Jersey Nets.

Due to a lack of bookings while in England, Jay-Z decided to drop his hosting/appearance fees from his usual $50,000 all the way down to a measly $13,000. Even after all that, still no one is interested.

I can’t blame Jay, with the credit crunch and everything, it’s hard for people to splurge like they used too.