Elin Nordegren’s $12M Mansion In Palm Beach

Tiger Woods’ ex wife Elin Nordegren is making this North Palm Beach mansion her new home. Nordegren just purchased this $12.2 million mansion with 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and over 9,000 square feet of living space. Elin’s new home is conveniently located 10 miles south of Wood’s 12-acre $50-million Jupiter Island home which is perfect since the former couple have decided to live near each other for the sake of their two children.
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Career Moves: Tiger Woods Designs Golf Course In Dubai

Tiger Woods is switching up the roles, instead of him devouring his opponents on the golf courses, he’s been called on to design a golf course.

The Golf Course is being built in Dubai, on a 13 million-square-foot lot, which features a luxury boutique hotel, a Guy Savoy restaurant and upscale shopping, will all be apart of a massive amusement park, called Duabiland, which will be built on the edge of the desert the Persian Gulf.

Tiger has been working on this project about a year-and-a-half and recently unveiled the master plan for the course and while releasing some information about the schedule it was under.

“Tiger Woods’ name brings enormous value to the project, and we are proud to share with him some of the key developments that have taken place since he reviewed the project during his last visit,” said project director Abdulla Al Gurg.

The project is estimated to cost nearly $1.1 billion, and press reports estimate Tiger might have been paid $20 million to design the immense golf course. The golf course will be filled with 197 mansions,villas, and palaces which will border the entire golf course. A limited amount of memberships, will be going to only 200 high profile people, giving them priority to the residents of the community. The 139,000 square-foot clubhouse will feature a luxury spa and golf academy.

The first phase of the project will be the landscaping of the golf course, followed by building phase for hotel and residential community in the second and third quarters of next year.

Career Moves: Tiger Almost Hits The $1 Billion Mark

Golf champion Tiger Woods is on the road to becoming the first billionaire athlete, according to Forbes magazine. Forbes based their calculations on his estimated earnings from 1996, they said that Tiger should have earnings exceed $1 billion by 2010. Forbes said Tiger will be the only billionaire who’s made that money by playing sports. Tiger placed #2 on Forbes Celebrity 100 list this year with an estimated income of $115 million. Tiger took the beating by Oprah as she took the #1 spot on the Forbes list. Tiger has endorsement deals with Nike, Accenture, Buick and Gillette and a five-year agreement for his own line of Gatorade drink.