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Prada Customizable Sunglasses

For a limited time only, Prada is letting you personalize a pair of Prada sunglasses. Prada Private is the latest eyewear collection from the french fashion house. The sunglasses comes in three...

Mary J Blige Talks Melodies Eyewear Collection

Mary J Blige talks with E Online to discuss her Melodies eyewear collection which is exclusively sold at Nordstrom. The collection consist of four styles: an aviator shape (Incognito), classic oversize (Red Carpet...

Mary J. Blige’s New Eyewear Collection

Singer Mary J. Blige is coming out with a new eyewear collection. Mary states that people have suggested a collection from her for a while, People were always saying, "You should do...

Top 10 Sunglasses Under $150

Check out the list over at Complex.

Dita Challenger Sunglasses

Dita Challenger Sunglasses Priced at $400 Available at Dita FRAME: Antique Silver LENS: D.Grey Gradient   FRAME: Matte Black Carbon LENS: D.Grey

Designer Tags: Dita Custom Lupe Fiasco Sunglasses

   Dita Sunglasses made 10 custom versions of their Midnight Special model specifically for Lupe Fiasco’s recent tour. Now that the tour is over, Dita has decided to release a limited amount to...

Designer Tags: Worlds Most Expensive Sunglasses

And the winner goes to... Dolce & Gabbana with a price tag of $383,609. 

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