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Sean John to Launch in Europe

Sean John plans to begin retailing in Europe as early as fall 2011. The clothing line would likely aim for a market in Europe that is similar to its prime U.S. niche,...

Diddy x Sean John New Macy’s Deal

It's a good day for Diddy. The Hip-Hop pioneer's fashion brand Sean John signed a transformative deal with Macy's. Sean John sportswear will now be exclusively sold in only Macy's stores and...

Sneak Peak Of The Sean John Fall Collection

Check out a exclusive preview of the new Sean John Fall Collection. Props to WoooHa!    

Christian Combs Featured In Latest Sean John Ad

Christian Combs is apart of Sean John's latest ad campaign. I'm sure Diddy is proud.

Video: Sean John Combs: Once Upon A Time In America

Sean Diddy Combs talks about the making of the his classic, landmark album with Notorious B.I.G. Christopher Wallace, "Ready To Die". Part 2 & 3 under the jump.  

Diddy Using Obama’s Name To Promote I Am King Cologne

Sean John has a new fragrance for men ready to hit stores next month called "I Am King". Although TV & Print ads have already been completed, Diddy has decided to add...

New Sean John Ads Featuring Cassie & Lauren London

More pictures at SmartSexyRichCrazy

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