Russell Simmons RushCard Reaches $2 Billion In Transactions


Russel Simmons’ company RushCard has reached a milestone after the company reported transactions of $2 Billion during  its 5 years running. The RushCard is a prepaid Visa card which offers the convenience of a credit card, without the debt. It allows people with bad credit to build up good credit.

“I’m personally very happy that RushCard is benefiting and empowering people exactly as it was intended,” said Simmons in a statement. “In America today, no one should be left out or kept out of having access to the American Dream and financial services which a bank account or credit card provides to others. The fact that we have already helped our members manage $2 billion in transactions proves that RushCard is instrumental in providing access to those services that hundreds of thousands of people may not otherwise have.”      

The online Spend Tracker and the RushPATH to Credit are new programs added by Simmons that make it possible for users to report their regular payment history to participating consumer credit reporting agencies while still easily tracking expenses.


Spotted: Russell Simmons & Girlfriend Hit The Beach In Miami


Russell Simmons was spotted on the beach in Miami with what seems to be a new girlfriend. Russell must have the charm to keep the women coming because it seems like every other week he has a new girlfriend. Check out another picture under the jump.

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Russell Simmons Premieres New Collection Of Argyle Culture

Russell Simmons introduced his new collection from his Argyle Culture line at the Setai Hotel in South Beach, Florida last Friday.

The line consists of sporty suits, pinstriped shorts and argyle V-neck sweaters, combining urban aesthetics with traditionally professional and preppy attire.

“I want to create a line to reach out to those guys who are not young men anymore but who want to still be part of that urban lifestyle,” said Simmons, who turned 51 on Saturday.