Designer Tags: Dita Custom Lupe Fiasco Sunglasses


Dita Sunglasses made 10 custom versions of their Midnight Special model specifically for Lupe Fiasco’s recent tour. Now that the tour is over, Dita has decided to release a limited amount to the public for a $575 price tag. Sunglasses are available at the Dita website.

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Designer Tags: Stylish iPhone Accessories

Looking for a stylish iPhone holder? Check out this iPhone holder by Dior. This Dior iPhone holder is probably one of the most elegant iPhone holder’s I’ve seen so far. The iPhone holder is made in fine quality of calf leather and is exclusively from the Dior Homme’s Black Tie line. The price tag is a little heavy coming in at $450 each.

Designer Thomas Heyerdahl has combined exotic jewelry and modern technology coming up with his latest venture The iDiamonds Earphones. This very one of its kind luxurious pair of headphones are made of white gold and 18 carat gold body that is studded with as many as 204 sparkling diamonds! The diamond studded headphones retail for $6400 but quantity is limited only be 1,000 pairs will be made.

Coming Down The Road: The Maybach Exelero

Out of all the cars I’ve ever featured on Upscale Swagger, the Maybach Exelero has to be one of the dreamiest. This luxurious two-seater is powered by a 700-horsepower version of that car’s turbocharged V12, the Exelero can reach speeds up 218 mph! The Maybach Exelero is probably the only car that I feel represents exclusivity. Besides a limited number of the car will be made, the price tag on this baby is $7.8 million. Let’s see how many people will be pushing this!

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Fresh: Hand Painted Bentley Continental GT

ASI’s has put some style on their Bentley Continental GT. With Japanese artwork by Nakamura Tetsuei this car has been getting a lot of attention. The hand painted Bentley will be available in 29 different models. ASI’s Tetsu GTR features an aggressively styled wide-bodykit (+1,800 mm) that includes dry carbon bonnet, trunk and rear wing spoiler along with several mechanical upgrades the most important being the modified 6.0L W12 engine that now produces 800 Hp. The Price tag for the paint job alone is $800,000. 

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