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Pharrell’s Tank Chair Makes Debut In Paris

If you haven't heard by now, Pharrell has been working on some furniture pieces for quite some time now. Earlier this week one of Pharrell's pieces the "Tank Chair," made its debut...

Pharrell Covers Modern Painters

  Pharrell Williams is on the cover of the latest issue of Modern Painters magazine. You can check out the article HERE.

Video: Pharrell’s Steps to Success

Look out for Pharrell in the upcoming documentary, Rest In Beats.

Exclusive BBC & Ice Cream New York Flagship Store Anniversary Tee II

BBC & Ice Cream are celebrating the anniversary of their New York City flagship store. On the day of the anniversary BBC & Ice Cream will release an exclusive tee that will...

Trendy Swag: Optic Lenses

Who rocked the optic lenses the best? Pharrell? Ye? Jay-Z? or Common?

Pharrell Prefers A Rolls-Royce Over A Bentley

Pharrell recently did an interview with Motor Trend and he talks about why he loves the Roll-Royce so much. "every stitch and every tiny detail are brilliant. It's traditional and consistent quality. They...

Pharrell’s New Bling..

The chain was designed by KAWS based on one of their characters Blitz. The chain is encrusted in white and blue diamonds.

Picture Perfect: Pharrell Poses For Vogue

Pharrell Williams and Russian model Natasha Polly take flicks in Russian Vogue

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