Spotted: Jay-Z & Nick Cannon At Audemars Piguet Charity Event

Jay-Z and Nick Cannon were spotted last week at an Audemars Piguet charity event held at the Four Seasons hotel to raise money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS. Audemars Piguet auctioned off 12 watches. One of them being Jay-Z’s, who’s watch sold for $220,000. The charity event raised a total of $816,000

Diddy & Ciroc Vodka Offer $1 Million To Design The New Year’s Ball


Diddy is making headlines just right before the year ends. Sean “Diddy” Combs and Ciroc Vodka have teamed up to make a offer to the city to remake the Times Square New Year’s ball and are willing to donate $1 million to charity if the proposal is approved. Diddy and Ciroc Vodka are looking to redesign the current ball and transform it into something similar to the brands blue circle. It still hasn’t been announced whether the city will go ahead with the proposal. 

As the official vodka of New Year’s Eve, it’s only fitting that we take over New York, the most iconic New Year’s city in the world,” said Diddy in a statement. “I’m going to give every adult in America a taste of what it’s like to enjoy a sophisticated celebration with Diddy, and what better time than while ringing in the New Year.

Mayor Bloomberg Wants NYC To Go Green Announces Proposal To Charge Shoppers For Plastic Bags


Mayor Bloomberg recently proposed that NYC begin charging shoppers 6 cents for each plastic bag issued at the register. The purpose of the policy is an attempt to make New York City more green. Bloomberg’s plan would join a number of cities including Ireland and Melbourne that have already actively chosen to reduce the use of plastic bags. The proposal is different from recent measures in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where plastic bags are being banned for certain uses, such as grocery shopping. 

Bloomberg’s proposal will most likely stir some controversy, so it will provide store owners an incentive for compliance by giving out one of every 6 cents to the store owners. City officials estimate that the fee could generate $16 million a year.