Video: Sneak Peak Of Monica’s Reality Show

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Monica has been busy these last couple months working on a brand new reality show. The show titled “The Single: Monica” will be based on her journey of her creating her new album while managing the up’s and down’s of a family and friends and other things that come along in life. The show premieres on August 5th at 10PM on Atlanta station Peachtree TV.

FRESH: Ludacris Tahoe Hybrid

Ludacris is set to star in a reality show called Battleground Earth, where he was challenged alongside other musicians to see who can reduce their carbon footprints most significantly. The rapper says, “I’m working on getting solar panels on my house in Georgia, and I just bought a Tahoe hybrid”.The show is set to air on August 3rd. Luda’s new album also drops in August so look out for that too!

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Career Moves: Chris Brown In “Bone Deep”

chris brown in bone deep

Chris Brown is at it again. The R&B Superstar isn’t just releasing a new album. Chris Breezy is in final talks to star in a movie called “Bone Deep”. Chris Brown will be alongside actors Matt Dillion, T.I., and Idris Elba. “Bone Deep” is about a group of bank robbers find their $20 million plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective. The movie is currently in the pre-production phase and is set to release next year.

I look forward to seeing Chris Brown’s performance. Hopefully this is a bigger part than what he had in “This Christmas”. Chris Brown has got the movie thing on lock. He’s already schedule to cast in 3 movies next year.

Career Moves: Usher Wants To Re-Hire His Mom Back As Manager

It looks like Usher is finally noticing the declining path in his music career. The R&B superstar just let it be known that he’s talking to his mother Jonnetta, to re-hire her back as his manager. Usher, this is probably the best career move you’ve made in a while. Since the launch of the cologne and the new album. I still feel like you haven’t been taking it anywhere. 

Check out what Jonnetta has been doing while she wasn’t working for Usher.

Career Moves: Omarion Signs With Timberland’s Record Label

In April, we heard about Omarion being dropped from Columbia Records. I guess Columbia thought he wasn’t bring in much success while on Columbia Records. Omarion released two solo albums for the record company including 2005’s ‘O’ and 2006’s ’21.’ Both albums which only went certified gold. In December of 2007, Omarion partnered with Bow Wow on the album, ‘Face Off.’ The album was very much a failure considering it only sold 329,348 units according to Wikipedia.

After all that Omarion is back starting fresh on a new record label called Mosley Music Group, owned by super producer Timberland. Omarion’s debut album on the record label is slated to release before the end of the year. Timberland will take the role as executive producer the project.

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