Italian State Police Ride In New Lamborghini Gallardo Police Cars

Italian state police have received a nice fleet of customized Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. The Lamborghini is capable of reaching 203MPH and is equipped with all kinds of high-tech gadgets.

An automatic number plate recognition system can track and send plate data in real-time to central control rooms, while a forward-looking camera is capable of data-logging GPS information to the video information and transmitting the live feed to offices in real-time. That vestigial trunk up front is put to good use as a first-response medical platform and refrigerated box for high-speed organ transport.

Check out the gallery below.

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New Armani Flagship Opens Up In Milan

Armani opens a new flagship store today in Milan. According to DNR, the boutique is the largest Giorgio Armani store in the world. Located near the historical 16-century Palazzo Taverna, the store sits on a 21,600 square feet lot and has three floors.

“It had become a must for us to be on this street, with a store that is functional and where the product stands out,” said the designer. Armani himself designed the new concept store, elements of which may be extended to the new Madison Avenue megastore planned for New York. “Stores need to be rational—they must work,” he added. “Sure, there are stores that make the cover of architectural magazines, but then must be changed to be more operative.” 


Lamborghini LP640 Roadster Versace Edition

Lamborghini is offering the Versace edition LP640 Roadster to the public at large. They originally released this back in 2006 Versace and Lamborghini teamed up to offer a small run of 10 LP640 coupes, and then produced an additional black roadster for a charity fundraiser. The announcement was made yesterday at Versace’s Via Gesu 12 in Milan during Men’s Fashion Week. Along with the new Lamborghini Roadster is a new range of Lamborghini Versace merchandise, including leather luggage, gloves, driving shoes and an assortment of other accessories.

More Info & Pictures below

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Livin’ The Life: JD & Janet In Milan [2 Vids]


Jermaine and Janet are in Milan this week for Men’s Fashion Week.
Part 2 under the hood..

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