New Generation Of MacBooks Hit The Scene

Finally! The new generation of MacBooks have been revealed. I wasn’t really taken back by the new design but I will give Apple it’s props on focusing on creating a eco-friendly laptop while placing high-end parts into this small light aluminum casing.


MacBook starts at $1,299.00

MacBook Pro starts at $1,999.00

MacBook Air starts at $1,799.00

Look out for another post on this pretty soon.

New Apple Notebooks Coming Soon?

After Apple has revised their whole iPod line. It looks like that’s not the only thing they have plans on upgrading. Rumors have been speculating that Apple is planning on upgrading their notebook line. Apple will be releasing the new notebooks on October 14th according to sources “familiar with Apple’s hardware plans.”

The MacBook Air will also see new upgrades coming it’s way. A new version of the MacBook Air’s custom Intel processor will be included in the new MacBook Air. Apple is also looking to update the hard drive for the super slim laptop. Apple has plans on using the same hard drive that’s in it’s new 120GB iPod Classic into the MacBook Air.