Inside Khole Kardashian’s Shoe Closet

Reality star and Entrepreneur Khloe Kardashian gives a glimpse inside of her shoe closet to ELLE & The Coveteur. Khloe’s love for Loboutin’s is apparent and even hubby Lamar Odom has his fair share of the red bottoms. Check out pictures below.

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Khloe Kardashian Gifts Lamar Odom A Rolls-Royce

Khloe Kardashian sure knows how to celebrate in a big way, especially when it came to her husband Lamar Odom and his teammates taking home the 2010 NBA Championship. Khloe decided to buy Lamar a $400,000 white-on-white Rolls-Royce Drophead Phantom as a celebration present. Nice, huh? The couple and Lamar’s kids were spotted around town in the Drophead on Father’s Day.

Khloe also addressed a rumor recently via her Twitter page. Apparently some people thought Khloe bought the car with Lamar’s money. She later tweeted, “People r so pathetic. Y would I give some1 a gift w/ their money? That’s lame. I actually make my own money. Shocking I know. Stop hating!

What can be better than a NBA Championship ring and a new Rolls-Royce? Lamar is livin’ the life…