Career Moves: Camron’ Sells Juelz Santana To Def Jam

Miss Info recently got a chance to speak with Camron’. Word is that Killa Cam sold Juelz Santana’s contract to Def Jam for 2 Million. Here’s what Juelz had to say, “I have no hard feeling for Cam, after all, he did give me a chance!!! But I will say this I was loyal to him and he took advantage.” Juelz also stated, “I have a joint venture with Def Jam, a 50/50 deal…Yeah, it’s a new boss in town. Album is called Born to Lose, Built to Win!!!! (The rise of the skullgang). So just prepare for the future”

I personally think this was a great move for Juelz. I consider Juelz, mainstream well, that’s if he wanted to be. I felt that being on Dipset with Camron’ defiantly put him on a standstill. I understand Juelz was loyal during that whole beef situation and I respect the fact that he chose to remain loyal but sometimes you got to focus on that paper.  

Dipset just suddenly lost popularity..BTW Who else is even left in Dipset? What are your thoughts about it?

Career Moves: Damon Dash & Rachel Roy Sign A Joint Venture Deal To Develop Her Fashion Brand

Damon Dash and wife Rachel Roy have signed a joint venture deal with Jones Apparel Group Inc to develop, market and license the New York-based fashion brand. Jones Apparel Group Inc will own 50% the joint venture interest and the rest will be owned by Damon Dash and Rachel Roy and TSM Capital. Jones will undertake operations of the existing designer collection business under license with the new joint venture.