Events: Diddy Celebrates 10 Years Of Sean John

It’s been a really big year for Diddy, he’s accomplished so much these past couple of months. The Entrepreneur that excels in building brands recently got to sit back in enjoyment of the fortunate years of his own brand Sean John, as it celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary.

The event consisted of a series of fashion shows and was held in the parking lot of Lenox Mall in Atlanta. Check out what really went down courtesy of Rahiem Shabazz.

The celebratory event included a runway show of more than 40 different looks of his latest in men’s sportswear, boy’s apparel and outerwear for women.

P.Diddy entered the mall parking lot under heavy security. Although, no interviews were being granted several eager fans were allowed to get autographed pictures after purchasing an item for $50 or more. (** Note ** Great Marketing).

One journalist turn fanatic Diddy fan even purchased $250 worth of items to get up close with Diddy and we got pictures. But, we here at Rasha will not put him/her on blast. I’m just saying, can someone spend $250 for my autograph?

-Via  Rahiem Shabazz

Image Credit: Rahiem Shabazz