L’ Helicoptore par Hermes – The Helicopter By Hermes


Back in 2007, French designer Hermes set out to create a luxury helicopter. They partnered with helicopter maker Eurocopter to make a special version of their EC 135 helicopter. L’Helicoptore par Hermes is a twin engined multimission helicopter designed for personal use. The cabin area is spacious with enough room to accommodate up to five passengers and several pieces of luggage. The interior features Hermes calf leather seats and leather trimmed controls. L’ Helicoptore par Hermes also comes with binoculars so passengers can fully enjoy the scenery from above. More pictures below.
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Hermes x Leica M7 Limited Edition Camera


Hermes and Leica have teamed up to release a limited edition Leica M7 camera. Only 200 units will be made; 100 in orange and 100 in a green called “etoupe.” Pricing is rumoured to be at around $14,000 USD and should start hitting UK stores in December. Nothing has been confirmed yet but an official announcement is expected to come out today (Monday).

Source Leica Rumours

WHY: Wally-Hermes Yacht 58


Wally and Hermes have been working hard together to create a series of luxury and environmental-friendly yachts. Back in June 2008, Wally and Hermes signed a join-venture to develop a new type of motor yacht redefining the art of living on the sea. The Wally-Hermes Yacht 58 is the first yacht in the series and was designed with the motive ‘form-equals-function’. The WHY 58 offers comfort, privacy, stability, space, and sustainability in a sleek design.

The WHY 58 requires less power at cruising speed than a boat of equal size. Its diesel-electric propulsion is the most efficient motorisation today, and the solar panels, covers most of the boats auxiliary system needs. WHY intends to offer a new way of moving over water by creating an innovative way of managing and recycling its sources and uses of energy. Check out the rest of the pictures below.

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