Gulfstream Releases PlaneBook For The iPad

Gulfstream has released a new app called PlaneBook for the iPad. PlaneBook is an electronic document management system, a handy resource for pilots. The app provides pilots easy and quick access to critical flight information and air-craft specific documents, such as the Airplane Flight Manual, Operating Manual, pilot checklist and Quick Reference Handbook.

The PlanBook app also allows pilots to create and add their own content, including checklists, standard operating procedures and other reference materials. In addition, instructional videos for each of Gulfstream’s aircraft have also been included. The Gulfstream PlaneBook App is available now from the Apple App Store.

Gulfstream G650 Production Continues

Gulfstream has announced that it will resume production on the ultra-long-range G650, following a crash last month involving a G650 flight-test aircraft that killed four people and led to the company suspending flight testing. The company says they’re working hard with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to resume the required flight-test activities and is confident that the aircraft will be on track for its 2012 entry.

Gulfstream G650: One Step Closer

Gulfstream hit a significant milestone in the certification program of their new aircraft, the G650. According to the press release, the fifth and final flight-test aircraft hit the air on January 24, 2011. All five aircraft apart of the flight-test campaign have logged more than 1,100 hours in the program and have passed a broad number of tests. The company is one step closer to public release and certification is right on track for 2011 with first deliveries in 2012.


Gulfstream G450 Sets Speed Record Between Tokyo And Hong Kong

Gulfstream recently set a new speed record for the Gulfstream G450 business jet for flying from Tokyo to Hong Kong. The aircraft took off at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport at 10:50 am. local time on June 7, 2010. It flew 1,694 nautical miles at an average cruise speed of Mach 0.85, landing 3 hours and 58 minutes later at 1:48 p.m. local time at Hong Kong International Airport.

The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) confirmed the flight as a U.S. record and forwarded the figures to the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) in Switzerland for approval as a world record.

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Gulfstream IVSP


Private aviation has become a favorite among the elite. The Gulfstream IVSP is a delicate business jet aircraft fitted to accommodate all your business needs. The private jet comes equipped with 11 seats, which is a ton of room for all your clientele and employees to chat it up while flying to your next destination. There’s nothing boring on this plane as it boosts premium leather seats and ultra thin monitors for entertainment. Pricing for the jet is available on request only.