Picture Perfect: Kanye Stuntin’ With His Louie Bag

Kanye is defiantly killin’ the game with his custom Louis Vuitton backpack. The bag is one of a kind and took a year and a half to make. Kanye’s swagmeter is going to the roof!

Check out some of his latest gear below..

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Career Moves: Ludacris Inks Deal With AT&T

Ludacris never fails to amaze me when it comes to his career moves. The rapper which is most known for his chart-toppers like “Money Maker” and “Runaway Love”, has landed a deal with US wireless carrier AT&T. The deal involves Ludacris, appearing in online and television ads to promote their services. The commercials will be hitting a tv screen near you starting next month. No word on how much he exactly got paid but it’s set to be in the multi-millions.

I always find it interesting how rappers remain to stay relevant without putting out a consistent amount of music. Ludacris is one of those guys where you might here him on a song or two, maybe even a remix, but every time you hear him he’s still on top of his game.