Diane Von Furstenberg Designs Evian 2013 Limited Edition Bottle

Evian enlists Diane von Furstenberg to design the 2013 evian limited edition bottle. On the bottle is a phrase graced by Diane’s handwriting that says, “Water is Life is Love is Life is Water is…”

Von Furstenberg was inspired by her years of drinking evian water and love for life and words resulting in a very seamless collaboration. “I am so excited about this collaboration because I have always loved evian and I think drinking water is one of the most important things we can do to love ourselves and love is life! To me it is all about living life to the fullest and I am so proud to work with evian to spread such an important message,” said Diane von Furstenberg.

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Jean Paul Gaultier x evian Water Bottle


Who would of that designer bottled water would of ever been created? evian is teaming up with Jean Paul Gaultier for a limited edition water bottle. The water bottle will come in red, white, or blue in 500ml with silver bottle caps that feature Jean Paul Gaultier’s design on the bottom half of the bottle. The bottle is currently and will be only available in Japan.