Diamond Encrusted iPhone 4 By Stuart Hughes

Jewelry designer Stuart Hughes recently rolled out a diamond encrusted iPhone 4 collection. The collection is decked out in 6.5cts VVS diamonds and platinum. The Stuart Hughes diamond encrusted iPhone 4 is priced at $19,500, which includes a gleaming 32GB unlocked iPhone 4 handset and as a bonus, you will receive a Ostrich wallet crafted to fit your iPhone 4 and four credit cards. Only 50 of these special iPhone 4’s will be made so better grab yours soon!

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The World’s Most Expensive Sushi

Chef Angelito Araneta, Jr. has been known for sprucing up everyday meals into memorable and extravagant masterpieces that are used in courtship and marriage proposals. The chef is making headlines for creating a one of a kind sushi dish. The elegant dish is complied of five pieces of sushi covered with a leaf of edible gold and garnished with a .2-carat African diamond. The sushi meal was presented at a Milanan restaurant in June and is valued at 91,800 pesos ($2,000 USD).

Apple iPhone 3G Encrusted In Diamonds

Swiss jeweler Knalihs Athem has introduced to the world a totally diamond-encrusted iPhone 3G. The phone is encrusted with 475 glistening cut diamonds totaling to a hefty 3.75 carats. The diamond-encrusted iPhone 3G handsets will be available only at a made-to-order basis with only a total of 50 being made. The first 10 units will be sold at a special price of $10,000. After that, the rest of the iPhone’s will be priced somewhere around that price range.