Is This The End Of Danity Kane?

As if drama couldn’t continue within the members of Danity Kane. Well, it looks like another member has left the very popular girl group Danity Kane and this time it was quite a bit unexpected. The word is that Shannon has quit the group and has stated that on radio station Z100 in New York. Is this what Diddy wanted after all? With on Andrea & Dawn just left could this be the very end of Danity Kane?


Update: One of my readers sent in this tip. Supposedly Cassie might be joining the group?


Do you think Diddy will try and get the group back together?



Shout out to Mo & Straight Outta NYC

Making The Band 4 (Season 3) Premieres Tonight

Diddy is back with Making The Band 4 ( Season 3 ). On this season Diddy will bring back Day 26, Danity Kane, and Donnie as he prepares to put them in even better shape. The show will follow them on tour and watch them record their next album. Laurie Ann Gibson also makes it back on the show. Making The Band 4 ( Season 3) premieres tonight at 9PM ET/PT on MTV.