Damon Dash’s Tiret Sport Coupe


Damon Dash is embarking in a new project for his Tiret brand. Tiret is Dash’s luxury watch and jewelry company that he started with Daniel Lazar back in 2004. Together they have created the Tiret Sport Coupe. The two-door coupe will be available by special order and features nappa leather seats, fine wood trim, special “Tiret” watch dial displays built in, as well as an elegant central clock. The SUV sits on 22-inch LSE alloy wheels and features a full panoramic glass sunroof and LED lighting.


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Career Moves: Damon Dash No Longer Owns Licensing Rights For Pro-Keds

Hip-Hop Mogul Damon Dash has lost the licensing rights to sneaker company Pro-Keds, after owning it for 4 years. Stride Rite Corp. has reacquired the rights to the Pro-Keds brand from Dash.

Stride Rite Corp. made the decision based on aiming for a new image for their 60th Anniversary of Pro-Keds.

“We thank Damon for his partnership and efforts on the PRO-Keds brand over the past few years, and we look forward to re-launching the brand under the Stride Rite organization to maximize the brand’s full potential,” Stride CEO Greg Ribatt said in a statement. “We plan to tap our archives and re-issue the classic styles with fresh new design details, and to build on the brand’s vintage position with a new brand image.”

Pro-Keds is set to re-launch their new line of sneakers in November 2008 with prices ranging from $50 to $80. They plan on bringing back classic styles such as the Royal and Court King will be updated with new materials and colors and is also creating special limited-edition collections to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

All things seem to be falling down for Dame.

Celebrity Mishaps: Damon Dash’s Home Is Getting Foreclosed

Damon Dash and wife Rachel Roy are in jeopardy of getting their two Manhattan apartments foreclosed. The Hip-Hop mogul owes $78K in mortgage payments for two Tribeca apartments. The mortgage lender, Eastern Savings Bank, is looking to sue Dash for the money. According to the lawsuit, he hasn’t paid up since January on the combined $7.3 million mortgage.

Dash may also be in trouble because of back taxes, and insufficient funds for the rent to the building that houses his company. It was only a couple of months ago, when we heard Damon and Rachel signed a multi-million dollar deal with Jones Apparel Group Inc. I wonder if things fell through?

Career Moves: Damon Dash & Rachel Roy Sign A Joint Venture Deal To Develop Her Fashion Brand

Damon Dash and wife Rachel Roy have signed a joint venture deal with Jones Apparel Group Inc to develop, market and license the New York-based fashion brand. Jones Apparel Group Inc will own 50% the joint venture interest and the rest will be owned by Damon Dash and Rachel Roy and TSM Capital. Jones will undertake operations of the existing designer collection business under license with the new joint venture.