The Lexus Nuaero Concept Car

Lexus has created a brand new concept car called the Nuaero with the help of designer Jon RÃ¥dbrink’s. Jon’s inspiration for the car was these two simple rules “low weight and large presence” will be the way premium cars will be manufactured in the future.

This isn’t your normal car, it is a concept car after all. Jon wanted to switch things up and has eliminated the pedals in this car. In order to drive it you would use a drive-by-wire steering pad and a completely customizable multi-point touch screen. “Since the car is powered by electrical motors [found in each of the four wheels],” RÃ¥dbrink says, “there is no transmission and you break intuitively by pushing the steering wheel away from your body.”

The car was designed with lightweight materials meant to increase mileage and efficiency.