Career Moves: Rihanna Inks Deal With Circuit City

Rihanna has landed a deal with electronic retailer Circuit City to be the face and sound of new ads that will begin running next week. The commercials will include her latest single “Disturbia” along with clips from the music video, while her image will be featured in online ads for the company.

In addition, Circuit City will be offering users the opportunity to download a free voice tone and exclusive wallpaper images from the website. Also, Rihanna is set to participate in an online chat on the website on August 20.

Career Moves: Ludacris Inks Deal With AT&T

Ludacris never fails to amaze me when it comes to his career moves. The rapper which is most known for his chart-toppers like “Money Maker” and “Runaway Love”, has landed a deal with US wireless carrier AT&T. The deal involves Ludacris, appearing in online and television ads to promote their services. The commercials will be hitting a tv screen near you starting next month. No word on how much he exactly got paid but it’s set to be in the multi-millions.

I always find it interesting how rappers remain to stay relevant without putting out a consistent amount of music. Ludacris is one of those guys where you might here him on a song or two, maybe even a remix, but every time you hear him he’s still on top of his game.