Chinese Billionaire Donates Entire Fortune

Bill Gates has an addition to his Giving Pledge charity, in which he is asking wealthy people like himself to donate their fortunes to charity after their deaths. 42 year old Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist Chen Guangbiao is joining the other billionaires in this pledge. Chen Guanbiao is no stranger to such generosity as he has already donated 1.34 billion yuan ($0.20 billion) for charitable causes in the last 10 years which has in turn benefited over 700,000 people.

Lunch Auction With Warren Buffett Raises $2.6 Million

If you didn’t know, CEO and Investor Warren Buffett has been auctioning off a lunch meeting with himself annually for charity since 2000, and over the years he has raised $5.9 million dollars in charity donations. At this year’s lunch auction, a new record was set for raising $2,626,311 beating out last year’s record of $1.68 million. All the proceeds go to the Glide Foundation of San Francisco. The foundation helps the homeless of San Francisco who need aid and help. It’s not certain who the winning bidder is yet, but what has been confirmed is the lunch will be held at the fine New York City restaurant Smith & Wollensky.

Spotted: Jay-Z & Nick Cannon At Audemars Piguet Charity Event

Jay-Z and Nick Cannon were spotted last week at an Audemars Piguet charity event held at the Four Seasons hotel to raise money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS. Audemars Piguet auctioned off 12 watches. One of them being Jay-Z’s, who’s watch sold for $220,000. The charity event raised a total of $816,000

Career Moves: Wyclef Brings Investors To Haiti

Wyclef Jean recently took a group of foreign investors to Haiti in hopes to pour money into the local economy, which represents the poorest country in the Americas. In a statement to Reuters Wyclef said,

“I understand that there is a food crisis that needs to be addressed urgently, but at the same time donors need to inject funds in projects likely to bring sustainable results”

Wyclef has been on a mission to improve in agriculture, road projects and economic infrastructure of Haiti. Wyclef told Reuters, “Charity will never solve Haiti’s problems, Haitians want jobs, they want to develop their agriculture to produce food, not to everlastingly receive food assistance.”

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