Chanel Première

Chanel’s latest watch collection titled “Première” seems to be catching the eye of some. The small diamond-studded watches come in either white or black and are available now for around five to six grand.

Chanel’s latest watch Collection is an inspiration in itself as it incorporates much of Chanel’s history into the design. It has a saga to tell through every part of the bracelet that relates to each ingredient of its history. The bottle of Chanel’s iconic No 5 perfume inspires the shape of the case. The perfume in turn, was inspired by Place Vendome where Chanel’s flagship Paris store is located. The Bracelet of the Premiere incorporates the ceramic of the J12 collection. The watch made of white gold is available in a diamond-encrusted version. One could have nothing, but awe & admiration for this divine masterpiece.


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