Career Moves: Rihanna Inks Deal With Circuit City

Rihanna has landed a deal with electronic retailer Circuit City to be the face and sound of new ads that will begin running next week. The commercials will include her latest single “Disturbia” along with clips from the music video, while her image will be featured in online ads for the company.

In addition, Circuit City will be offering users the opportunity to download a free voice tone and exclusive wallpaper images from the website. Also, Rihanna is set to participate in an online chat on the website on August 20.

Career Moves: Tiger Almost Hits The $1 Billion Mark

Golf champion Tiger Woods is on the road to becoming the first billionaire athlete, according to Forbes magazine. Forbes based their calculations on his estimated earnings from 1996, they said that Tiger should have earnings exceed $1 billion by 2010. Forbes said Tiger will be the only billionaire who’s made that money by playing sports. Tiger placed #2 on Forbes Celebrity 100 list this year with an estimated income of $115 million. Tiger took the beating by Oprah as she took the #1 spot on the Forbes list. Tiger has endorsement deals with Nike, Accenture, Buick and Gillette and a five-year agreement for his own line of Gatorade drink.

Career Moves: Stephon Signs A Deal With Amazon


Back in 2006, Stephon partnered with Steve & Barry’s to promote a line of shoes and clothing bearing his nickname, “Starbury”. Now that Steve & Barry’s is set to closeout Marbury has setup a backup plan so that his sneakers won’t be shelved.

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Career Moves: Usher Wants To Re-Hire His Mom Back As Manager

It looks like Usher is finally noticing the declining path in his music career. The R&B superstar just let it be known that he’s talking to his mother Jonnetta, to re-hire her back as his manager. Usher, this is probably the best career move you’ve made in a while. Since the launch of the cologne and the new album. I still feel like you haven’t been taking it anywhere. 

Check out what Jonnetta has been doing while she wasn’t working for Usher.