BMW Z4 Roadster


BMW has released some details and pictures of its new Z4 Roadster which is set to be revealed at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. 

In the cabin, the new Z4 can be equipped with an 80 GB hard drive-based navigation system which features the new generation of iDrive. The system feature the new iDrive controller mounted on the center console and a huge 8.8-inch widescreen monitor situated beneath a motorized door on the dash. Up to 15 GB of the hard drive’s space can be used for storing digitally ripped music.


The Z4 can also be equipped with an optional 14 speaker plus two subwoofers, for a total of 16 drivers, hi-fi system that outputs 650-watts. An aux-in jack and an MP3-compatible CD-player complete the standard digital audio options. There’s no word yet on iPod capabilities, but if BMW’s other offerings are any indicator, it can be assumed that there will be an optional adapter. While Bluetooth handsfree is available as an option, we’d like to see that as standard.

Check out the gallery below.

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