It’s Official AT&T BlackBerry Bold Set To Drop Nov 4.

Just when I was about to give up on AT&T to release the Blackberry Bold this year. They finally have given us an official date in their latest press release. AT&T plans to drop the long awaited BlackBerry Bold on November 4,2008. There is still some speculation to the reason why the Bold was delayed for so long but let’s put all that behind and just hope they will keep their promise. 

NEW YORK (AP) – AT&T Inc. says that the new flagship BlackBerry model that was initially expected this summer, the Bold 9000, will go on sale Nov. 4.

Ralph de la Vega, head of AT&T’s consumer business, supplied the launch date on the company’s third-quarter earnings conference call Wednesday.

When BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion Ltd. revealed the model in May, it said it would go on sale this summer. The Bold 9000 did launch in some overseas markets, but not in the U.S. The apparent delay hurt RIM shares over the summer.

Early in October, RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis that the Bold was still being tested by AT&T, and implied that the carrier was being extra careful after widely publicized problems with Apple Inc.’s latest iPhone.


AT&T BlackBerry Bold Launch Party Invitations?

Look what’s been popping up on the net? I guess the Bold might be dropping later this month after all. Who Knows? AT&T is holding an exclusive event for the BlackBerry Bold on October 16 in New York City. All invitees who attend will be receive a special gift from AT&T and RIM. I wonder what that could be?

Apparently, a couple of weeks ago there was a special URL that linked to AT&T’s official site, where people could register for an invite to the party. 


He’s A Lucky One..

It looks like Super Producer Just Blaze got his hands on an AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold. You’re probably thinking “Oh, So what’s so special about this?” Well, according to RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis, AT&T has delayed the release of the Bold on their network due to testing. So cross out that November date that was in your calenders. Good news is  AT&T has said it is still scheduled to drop this year. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get delayed again.

BlackBerry Bold Hits AT&T In October

BGR is taking another stab at a date for the BlackBerry Bold launch on AT&T. They recently got in touch with a pretty high source over at AT&T and triple confirmed the date. The tech blog has said the BlackBerry Bold will launch on AT&T on Thursday, October 2. Well, let’s see if this is really true because we’ve sure been waiting for it.

What feature on the Bold are you most looking forward too?