Aston Martin Rapide Movie Series featuring Swizz Beatz

Aston Martin releases a movie series designed to showcase the four-door Rapide. The company will utilize Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach its consumer base. The film follows a group of agents as they attempt to deliver a precious object to a mystery figure. Swizz Beatz who also assisted in the design of the Rapide is featured in the viral.
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Aston Martin Explore

Ever wanted to start up the engine of an Aston Martin? You can now do so in the car-makers latest app to hit the iTunes App Store. Aston Martin ‘Explore’ delivers the latest in Aston Martin news, provides exclusive access to images and videos of the Aston Martin lineup and has a ton of other cool features. ‘Explore’ is available now for free in the iTunes App Store for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Aston Martin will also launch a version for the iPad and a premium Aston Martin ‘Experience’ app in early 2011. Check out some of the highlights below.
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Aston Martin Cygnet Headed For Production

It’s been a few months since Aston Martin unveiled their Cygnet concept. The Cygnet is a compact car suited for the city driver who enjoy high performance, luxury and individuality. Although the concept has gotten mixed reactions among the crowd, the company plans to move forward to production.
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Aston Martin Gaunlet Concept

Ugur Sahin is the creative force behind this new Aston Martin Gauntlet concept. The Sahin Design Group were out on a mission, to design a car which is technically almost identical to the existing production Aston Martins while defining a design character that outmost respects the impressive history of the brand and combine the timeless lines of the past Aston Martins with the modern interpretation of the existing styling.”

Let’s hope upcoming Aston Martin’s will take on this concept look created by Ugur Sahin Design. Check out a few more flicks below.
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