Lifeguard Tower By Lazar Design Build

Architects: Lazar Design Build
Location: Hermosa Beach, CA

Architect Steve Lazar and his team at Lazar Design Build built an amazing California beach house in Hermosa Beach. Lifeguard Tower is a 3,400 square-foot home that rises three stories high overlooking an amazing view of Hermosa Beach. Check out the gallery below.

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Real Estate: Dome Of A Home

After a series of devastating hurricanes and tropical storms battered their home in the 1990s, Mark and Valerie Sigler decided that there must be a home design that would withstand the most severe Florida weather. Working with architect Jonathan Zimmerman, the Siglers brought their dome home to life. It’s a sturdy structure, but it also has its share of beauty and uniqueness. And if you’re ever in Pensacola Beach with $5600 a week to spare, the five-bedroom Dome of a Home is available for rent.

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