LeBron James presents The LeBrons Animated Series

LeBron James will be venturing in a new web-based animated series called “The LeBrons”. The series will make its Spring debut on its own YouTube channel and on LeBronJames.com. James revived characters from a popular series of Nike commercials in which Mr. James played four versions of himself: the youthful and wide-eyed Kid LeBron; the physically adept Athlete LeBron; the smooth and savvy Business LeBron; and an ornery elder statesman called Wise LeBron.

The first season will consist of 10 episodes of five to six minutes with each show conveying a message like staying in school, saying no to drugs and family values.

Further details about the show can be found at New York Times.

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  1. Is the show The LeBrons playing for public view yet? Cannot wait to see this….I just love Lebron!!!

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