Sean John to Launch in Europe

by Esf on September 30, 2010

Sean John plans to begin retailing in Europe as early as fall 2011. The clothing line would likely aim for a market in Europe that is similar to its prime U.S. niche, 25- to 28-year-old men, with price points depending on licensing and retail partners. According to WWD, Sean Combs and his team arrived with a selection of men’s and women’s looks, along with accessories, which they showed at a light-filled suite at the Sanderson Hotel to give potential partners a taste of the brand.

Combs said the European buyers who had seen the collection were surprised. Almost anyone who has come here today was like, ˜I thought the product would have logos on it, I thought it would be baggy, when actually it’s timeless fashion, it has a little aspiration and it’s very clean it’s great product, he said.

Sean John is worth half a billion dollars, in this clip Diddy speaks with CNN to discuss the success of his fashion line.

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