Gucci Launches New Digital Flagship

Gucci has unveiled a brand new site today which features a new design and functionality that integrates rich content, shopping and social networking.

The site showcases items in the 3-by-3 product display that is featured in their brick and mortar stores with many zoom features that will allow to view the item in multiple angles. In the newly added “World of Gucci” area shoppers can view videos, news items or Gucci wearing celebrities. Shoppers can also look at Gucci Now which can provide updates on news, events and fashion shows. The site is also iPad compatible. Links connect to Facebook, Twitter and Podcast as well.

Creative Director Frida Giannini has been behind this project for 18 months. Through the use of new technologies, I believe we have created a Digital Flagship destination, where our customers can truly experience the beauty, quality and craftsmanship of Gucci’s collections in a truly luxurious way, said Giannini. It is also very important to me that social networking capabilities are an integral part of the new site, as shopping for fashion is almost always an experience that is shared and enjoyed with friends.


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