A|X Armani Exchange Launches 3-D Ad Campaign

AlX Armani Exchange is among the first of fashion companies to launch a worldwide ad campaign in 3-D. The Armani 3-D campaign incorporates print, outdoor, a music video and an interactive online component on the web site. The 3-D print ads, along with 3-D glasses will appear in the September issues of GQ, Interview and V magazine.

The inspiration behind the 3-D campaign was revealed in a survey that showed Armani Exchange customers being tech savvy. Our customers live in cities, are very wired and are early adopters, said Tom Jarrold, chief marketing officer of A|X Armani Exchange. “A survey we did showed that half our customers had an iPhone or a BlackBerry two years ago.

Armani Exchange is hoping the 3-D campaign will be a big hit among consumers and is encouraging them to get the 3-D glasses in the magazines and then go back to the website to view the music video. The 3-D music video titled “2020 / Speed Style,” was directed by Manny Miranda portrays “a guy putting on a leather jacket and motorcycle gloves and getting on his Ducati motorbike, escaping from the fiery streets above and taking refuge in a mysterious urban underdome, where he meets a beautiful woman. He strips off his jacket and leather belt, she takes off her jacket, and they start caressing and making out.”

The campaign will also be in various store windows, on video screens in the top 10 markets in North America and international markets. In addition, a 3-D image billboard will be mounted on the Long Island Expressway in September and in other locations such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles. A|X also will sponsor a sweepstakes where a customer can win a Ducati Superbike, motorbike riding lessons and a $1,000 Armani Exchange biker-chic wardrobe.

via WWD

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