Mercedes-Benz City Bus Coming Soon

Mercedes-Benz is making public transportation a little bit better now. According to OneIndia, Mercedes-Benz is looking to get into the city bus market as other automakers such as Volvo have been doing. Mercedes-Benz will manufacture 2 and 3 axle luxury coach buses to be used for inner-city and long journey trips.

Mercedes-Benz is the inventor of the first bus in the world and ever since, we have pioneered innovations that have revolutionized motorized public transport. In India, our 2- and 3-axle luxury coaches have been received very well. We would now like to expand into the city buses segment. To create a bus suited to the exact requirements of the users, it is essential to understand our customer needs: our trial buses will achieve this objective. commented Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India.

Mercedes-Benz expects to sell 500 units per year and expects growth to reach 20 percent per year.

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