Coach Opens First Men’s Only Store

Coach is aiming to expand their male customer base by establishing Men’s-Only stores nationwide. The debut Men’s-Only store hosted its grand opening Friday, May 7th at the store’s location 370 Bleecker Street in Manhattan, NY. The 550 square-foot store that incorporates many Coach signature elements in a masculine way and showcases Coach’s menswear, small leather goods and business accessories.

The store will carry wallets, pouches, footwear, watches, eye-wear and jewelry and an assortment of canvas boat shoes, flip-flops, and nylon and leather jackets.

Mike Tucci, president of North American Retail for Coach Inc says, We’re giving space to products we think can be nice businesses for us.” Tucci said Coach views this store as a prototype for other men’s stores.
The company will also use the store as a testing ground for new products as it seeks to grow its men’s business, which is much smaller than women’s.

“We’ve been talking about men’s and how to give it its own platform for a long time,” said Mike Tucci, president of North American Retail for Coach Inc.

Tucci says Coach is, “looking at major cities where we have flagship locations and our most dominant malls. Ideally, a men’s store would be in the close proximity to a flagship or women’s store. Internationally, Japan and China are seen as key markets.

Coach also plans on incorporating some elements from the Bleeker flagship into the Men’s departments at their existing flagship stores.


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