Richard Branson To Build Eco-Friendly Homes On His Private Island

Entrepreneur Richard Branson is looking to fully go green on one of his private islands in the Caribbean. Branson is planning on building a set of eco-friendly homes on his private island Mosquito which he acquired back in 2007 for $10 million.

Branson explains, “It would be far too extravagant to have it all to myself. I’m planning to have the minimum number of buildings there. Just enough for me and my family, plus room for maybe four or five other families who could also live on it. They could either be full-time residents or those who just want to have a home in the [British] Virgin Islands. I’m not sure who they’ll be yet, but the one or two people who I’ve mentioned it to have said that they would love to go there.

The plan is to build carbon-neutral Balinese-style villas (similar to the villas on Branson’s Necker Island). Power will come in a few different options such as wind, wave or solar based. Branson also plans on adding a butterfly park to the mix.



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