John Galliano Designs Claridge’s Christmas Tree


John Galliano, creative director of Christian Dior, has designed a Christmas tree for the renowned London hotel Claridge. The tree stands 20 ft high and is made up of paper-mache, paper and polystyrene. Its inspiration from icy snow scenes, mixed with a tropical twist, dominates the hotel’s lobby. The tree is painted in white and metallic blue and settled on the branches are a handmade leopard, several parrots and a dragonfly. This partnership marks the first time in the hotel’s 112-year history that Claridge’s has worked with a famed fashion designer on its Christmas tree.

“I am thrilled that Dior is collaborating with Claridge’s this Christmas,” said John Galliano. “I love to visit Claridge’s when I am in London, particularly at this time of the year – and I hope to bring a twist to the traditional tree. I want to combine the festive with the innovative, the spirit of Dior with the beauty of Claridge’s, and create something spectacular that will inspire the perfect start to the season!”

Claridge’s Christmas Tree was revealed on December 1st at a cocktail reception, which also featured a display of 20 vintage gowns from the Christian Dior archive, hand-picked by Galliano. The tree will remain up for display in the hotel’s lobby until January 6th.


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