2011 Hyundai Equus


Hyundai Equus is the first series of full size luxury sedans from the manufacturer. Hyundai has incorporated elements that you might see on a Mercedes-Benz ranging to a Maybach into the Equus. In Korea, the Equus comes in at a price-point of $96,000 and fits in the same league as the BMW 7 series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Lexus LS460. According to Hyundai, it offers the passengers unparalleled levels of interior volume and world’s most comfortable passenger experience. Hyundai also claims, the engine and other functions have been reinforced to attain first-class performance, safety, comfort and convenience. Unfortunately the car isn’t sold in the U.S. yet, but Korean automakers plan to ship 100 Hyundai Equus sedans to the states for display at dealerships throughout the country.

Photo credit: Edmunds

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