2009 BMW M Concept Design


If BMW made a model similar to Audi’s R8 ever wonder what it would look like? Idries Noah took initiative after he got tired of waiting for BMW to come out with a model similar to Audi’s R8 and decided to take on the challenge himself and create a concept design.

Noah explains more about his concept design, “So elements like the trademark grille and hockey stick pillar remain. My inspiration for this design however came from nature. More specifically water and the way it flows and ripples. The side detailing was inspired by what’s called in surfing terms “a Barrel or Tube”. It’s where the wave is hollow when it breaks.

Noah also said that the car will be the same size as the R8 and would feature a 5.0L V10 found in the M5 and M6. What do you think of the design? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Check out another picture under the hood.


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  1. my god….this design kicks ass, I have been driving a bimmer for many years now…but this is in a complete different league


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