Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer

Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer 01

Schopfer has put together the Infinitas, a lengthy 300 foot luxury yacht inspired by the infinity symbol which has been abstractly expressed within the yacht’s elevation. Schopfer is known for the acclaimed Oculus which premiered last year and Schopfer is taking that model up another notch with the Infinitas. Designers E. Kevin Schopfer along with Sparkman Stephens of Naval Architects have worked together hard to dream up such a beautiful piece of machinery. Up to 12 guest and crew can enjoy the amenities that come in the Infinitas.

Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer 03Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer 04Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer 05Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer 06Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer 07Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer 09Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer 11Infinitas Yacht by Schopfer 10

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  1. Thank you very much for your interest in the Infinitas. My firm, Tangram 3DS LLC, is responsible for the computer-generated images posted here and partnered with Kevin Schopfer to visualize his concepts throughout the design process. While we appreciate the attention this project has generated, we must ask that you credit Tangram 3DS as we are the creator and rights holder for these renderings. Please visit our website ( for more information and other projects that we’ve created

  2. Beautiful!

    I can’t overlook the Infinitas’ strong semblance to a Romulan Warbird from Star Trek, though. Slap a warp drive on and paint her green, and she’d look at home on Star Trek: The Next Generation! 😀


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