Kanye West ‘Stay in School’ Concert in Chicago


Kanye West has announced a second “Stay in School” Chicago benefit concert. The event which is sponsored by the Kanye West Foundation (KWF), which was created by Kanye’s mother in 2007,  focuses on fighting the alarming rate of school dropouts around the country.

The event is to be taped by the national music network Fuse, and to be aired sometime this summer. “Stay in  School” concert commences  June 11 in the Chicago Theatre. Tickets are available starting May 21st on www.ticketmaster.com, prices range from $49.50 to $500 for VIP privileges.

One thought on “Kanye West ‘Stay in School’ Concert in Chicago”

  1. How this is much needed for urban schools and also Kanye West to uphold his mothers legacy and lineage for enhancing our youth to stay in school. I’m an advocator and one day I and Kanye will do these events together alongside more artist that will in return save our youth from dropping out of schools all across the world.

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