One Year Anniversary


Today marks the one year anniversary of Upscale Swagger. I am so grateful for all the readers out there. Since the launch, we have gained over five million hits in just a year which I find to be a major accomplishment.

Thanks to the Cool Kids Network for having my back when I first started the blog and to Jay who introduced me to this. I would also like to give some special shout outs to Mocha and Lenzy for being really good friends and  helping me out throughout all this. I can’t forget about Edwin, Mozart and Adancia. I would like to thank all the affiliates who have helped me and contributed to the success of this site.

Look out for us in the future because we’ve got a lot of big things going on right now.

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  1. Congrats Baby!!!!!!!! You know anything I can do to help. You did all the hard work and you deserve the credit. Upscale Baaabbbbbeeee!!


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