Mariah Carey Places A Bid On World’s Most Expensive Estate

by Upscale Swagger on March 19, 2009

fleur-de-lys-5Mariah Carey is making headlines after reportedly making an offer on Fleur de Lys, which holds the title of the world’s most expensive estate, which is valued at $125 million. The immense 15-bedroom estate in Beverly Hills was built by a Texan billionaire. The 41,000 square feet home sits on a immense five-acre lot. The palatial mansion was inspired by France’s Vaux Le Vicomte palace outside Paris.

Inside are Italian marble walls, French limestone floors, gold-embossed leather wall coverings, gold-leaf crown moldings, a ballroom with ceiling frescoes, a library complete with rare books, two kitchens and a screening room with seating for 50. The mansion provides a 3,000-square-foot manager’s house, staff quarters for 10 people, spa and pool, tennis court and a breathtaking garden.

Word is Mariah and Nick have been house hunting for a while now. After three months of searching they finally made an offer for the estate for an undisclosed amount.







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Shawn March 22, 2009 at 5:51 am

Homegirl, you’re a STAR! It’s YOU!! Buy that thing amd make it your own! God has blessed you, you deserve it! Just because the media has “named it” means nothing. Listen, I have the house god has blessed me with. It’s certainly nothing the public would want to get frantic about nor even give a glance to. In fact, some in a higher tax bracket would laugh at it but, it’s a place I made MY OWN! It’s me! I ENJOY where i’m at! So live it up!!! I’m proud of you!


stephanie July 15, 2009 at 5:46 pm

mariah carey did not buy it and none of it is true my parents work at that house and they work for suzane staperstain and i go ther every day and i got lost there cause it so big mariah was going to buy but she didnt and the house isnt for sale anymore and its a 3 story house with 2 diffrent elevators and michael jakson went there and i am n the house right now and its true .ask me anything and ill awser it anyday


jean-Paul Blanc January 20, 2011 at 4:15 pm

It is a wonderfull house !


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