12 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Get Sexy For GQ”

  1. see the picture would look better if i was in it. sorry kim im not hating im kinda jealous of you

  2. girl i am jealous of u. reggie is sexy don’t u get tired of him send him 2 me and i’ll do him anytime. but u r not bad ur self so when u r done just press SEND.

  3. i think its good that they are together everyone should have have someone to love and imma need for everybody 2 stop haten on them just cause it aint u dont trip

  4. GOSH… It’s all for publicity at the end of the day… Celebs are so good when it comes to ‘acting’ for money. Sad what the World’s come to -I don’t blame ’em though as we live in a MATERIAL WORLD đŸ™‚
    Kim or whatever she calls herself is less than average looking without makeup and especially without money >>Thank goodness her father worked HARD for her to gain that platform of where is was THEN she ‘attached’ herself to the likes of Brandy and Paris Hilton (She ended up stealing from the Norwoods)…She’s just a user FULLSTOP!
    Then the sextape scandal arose… GOSH Who becomes famous from making a sextape? WOW…The World need to WAKEUP and stop praising low-lifes like her!

  5. who ever Phe is… please shut the fuck up. Your not famous your pretty much a no-body! so please shut up and stop hating on ppl who are famous. GET A LIFE LOSERRRR!!!

  6. PHE !! ur such a hater u hate on kim cus shes famouse but if u hated her sooo much why do u kno sooo much of herr !! someones low key obsessed with her haha

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